Do you sell any prodcuts?

Contrary to popular belief, storefront dispensaries or "compassion clubs" are still illegal in Canada. The only legal way to purchase medical cannabis is by registering online with one of Health Canada's Authorized Licensed Producers

I don't want to get "high", can I still use cannabis?


There are several types (strains) of cannabis, each with unique levels of properties called cannabinoids, such as THC (the psychotropic chemical component responsible for the euphoric high) and CBD (the most well known highly medicinal component of cannabis).


Can I grow for myself or be designated to grow for someone else if I have a criminal record? 

It depends.

If you have already had a cultivation permit and obtained a criminal record by abusing it (by growing or storing more than allowed, selling, etc.) then no, you can not apply for a permit to cultivate.

But if you have a criminal record without ever having had a production license, then yes, you have the right to cultivate mine.